Spring Training is closed.

Regretfully, we are not able to schedule clients at this time. 


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We provide solutions and support to cat owners experiencing problems with:

  • Litter box issues and house soiling
  • Scratching and other destructive behavior

  • Aggression towards owners and/or guests
  • Aggression towards other cats
  • Adjustment to a new dog or cat in the home
  • Adjustment to life indoors

Our cat behavior services include:

  • In-home behavior consultations to assess your cat's behavior and provide you with a plan to resolve the problem behaviors.
  • Phone and Skype consultations for house-soiling issues.
  • Pre- and post-adoption consultations to help you choose the right cat and successfully introduce her to your other pets.





Cat Behavior Consultations

"Thank you so much for all of your help!  We followed your suggestions about testing new litter boxes, locations, and types of litter -- and it worked!  We found the right combination for Fiona and she hasn't had an "accident" in more than three months.  We were so frustrated for so long.  Thank you for helping us get this problem under control."


-- Allison G. of Arlington, VA


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