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“Kelly came to our home and gave some great recommendations and step-by-step training guidelines... Kelly quite obviously has a deep love of animals and uses a very compassionate approach to training them. She has the patience to work with even the most stubborn or distracted dogs, and you're able to see results very quickly. I highly recommend Kelly's services, especially when working with rescue dogs who can sometimes require a little extra TLC  and attention.”  -- Megan N. of Silver Spring, MD



"After our first meeting, Kelly gave me a detailed written assessment and provided us with a clear plan of action [for our aggressive dog]. She demonstrated simple, positive ways to get Banka to want to behave well.  She supplied easy interventions for our day-to-day challenges. Kelly also left us with helpful resources for keeping Banka mentally and physically stimulated. I would highly recommend Spring Training to anyone with a dog." -- Elizabeth T. of  Kensington, MD



"I wanted to thank you for such an eye-opening and enlightening training experience.  As you know, we had no idea what we were getting into when rescuing a dog, let alone a fearful one like Honey Bee. We learned so much from you and you gave us the skills to make Honey Bee happy and on the path to a better adjusted life. She continues to do well and is a happy, bouncing beast." -- Dan and Liz of Washington, DC



"Thank you so much for all of your help!  We followed your suggestions about testing new litter boxes, locations, and types of litter -- and it worked!  We found the right combination for Fiona and she hasn't had an "accident" in more than three months.  We were so frustrated for so long.  Thank you for helping us get this problem under control."

-- Allison G. of Arlington, VA



"Kelly entered our lives within two weeks of rescuing our dog. After a few noise complaints we were in need of help. We wanted someone who was familiar with behavioral analytic terms and utilizes non-aversive antecedent based interventions to decrease barking.

Kelly came over (with her bag of chicken), conducted an observation/assessment and then followed it up with a very professional report. Since our visit she has also offered us some "road side assistance" and guidance. As a behavior analyst (for humans) I was thoroughly impressed with Kelly's skills, knowledge and teaching style. We are looking forward to bringing her back for a tune up in a few weeks!"  
-- Shanna of Washington, DC



"Maggie went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and she did great!  I gave her lots of treats to keep her calm, and she quickly warmed up to the staff.  She was no trouble at all when they took a blood sample and cleaned out her ears.  I was very proud, and your
advice definitely came in handy.  Thanks!"
-- Sean of Arlington, VA



"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciate the tools you provided.  Paul and I have been working on them and while it's not an immediate turnaround (of course!), there have definitely been improvements! Both in his behavior and in how well I can interpret it. He already seems a happier, calmer dog."

-- Amelia of Arlington, VA



"... When I return home now, Oscar is responding well to “back-up” and is sitting down  — away from the door.  Remarkable!  It's a pleasure now to enter the house and not be leapt on repeatedly, chewed at, and to have to worry neurotically about escapes out the door.  Thank you!"  -- Carolyn W. of Washington, DC




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